What we offer

Working with HJ Coaching means you will receive expert advice from a experienced and highly-qualified coach.

Not one programme suits every athlete so your programme will be individually tailored to meet your training needs and to fit around your lifestyle( work and family commitments). For junior athletes, input from parents is essential throughout the programme. There is a mentoring programme now on offer to both juniors and adults.

 Athlete profiling sign up you will be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire to help us:

On signing up you will be asked to complete a questionnaire:

  • establish current health and fitness
  • examine recent training history
  • identify strengths and weaknesses (physical, psychological and tactical)
  • explore reasons for training

We will discuss your needs to develop your own individual training plan.

The training plan

Within the training plan we will look at short- and long-term goals and identify potential races. Some races will be target races and of higher importance, whilst others could be used for training focusing on particular elements of your development.

Any weaknesses in skill or technique that can be focused on to enable you to train and race more effectively will be broken down into specific sessions to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

Weekly training schedule

You will receive a weekly training programme via Xhale, an online platform where you post feedback and receive advice. The system allows you to download, print and share statistics taken from training aids such as GPS computers and power meters.

Your schedule will contain details of each workout, identifying the type of exercise, the duration and the intensity. All aspects of your training will be covered including swim, bike, run, strength and conditioning, stretching and nutrition.

Feedback is a crucial part of the athlete-coach relationship, so on top of the Xhale training programme you will also have one-on-one access to your coach via phone and email.

Athlete mentoring Programme:

If you choose not to have a complete coaching package the mentoring facility may suit you.
This is where you input your training into Xhale and I will provide feedback and possible suggestions for your
training. I have a number of athletes who have used this facility over the years and it works really well.
The cost is £15 per month. Advice and guidance regarding training and racing will be given.

Costs for coaching package:

The charge a fee of £90 per athlete per month.
There is an initial separate set up fee including an initial meeting of £60.
Meetings during the year can take place if considered useful, either at my place of work or I could travel to meet half way. Regular contact through social media/ text/phone calls.
A monthly fee of £90 per athlete will continue throughout your experience with us. A months notice will need to be given if you decide to no longer to be coached. If you wish to take a break from formal coaching and then wish to return at a later date there will be no additional costs ie; set up fee. There may be a natural annual rise and that will apply in January.