Thinking outside the box


Tom( Bishop) and I have been swopping ideas about podcasts we have listened to and books we have read about coaching and athlete ability. One book at the moment stands out and that is ‘Peak Performance’ by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magnus. Peak Performance is what we all , no matter our age and ability strive for. They explain the importance of ‘stress’ and this is not always negative as many think it is – turn it into a positive. I tried this yesterday on a run and wow it worked really well. They have a section on ‘rest’ and yes this is so beneficial for athletes (read a book at the same time?) and one very interesting read was about the influence of mobile phones which sadly a vast majority are addicted to. I have seen so many folk take their mobile in to the gym whilst training- why?
Leave it in the locker and you will return to find that you have been more focused on your training and had a good training session.

So the title was ‘ think outside the box’ – turn stress into a positive/ rest into a productive part of training and take time for you away from the phone and other gadgets. Have a ‘normal’ watch that just tells the time when you go a for your next run and listen to your body and the surroundings. You will be surprised at how better you feel.

As always I like the emails you send and where I can will answer your question or point you in a direction where you can get the answer.

Take care and safe /enjoyable training.