The end of the rainbow

This may sound daft but for some reason the rainbow has been taken up by many who have put pictures in their windows or kids have drawn one on the pavement . For me it is a reminder of my Dad. On the day he died many years ago I went for a run and saw a rainbow. So whenever I see a rainbow I say ‘Hello Dad’. So saying Hi to him lots of times now.

We will get to the end of the rainbow and maybe there will be that pot of gold, but in the meantime stay safe – do what training your feel is right- do something different. For those who love duathlon/triathlon training why not take this opportunity to practice transition. So often triathletes leave it to race day or a training session earlier in the week. So set up an area – it need not be large , the dis(mount) lone can be the same. Try doing a duathlon transition and then try a triathlon one.

Introduce the wetsuit – get someone to wet you with the hose pipe or take a shower( take care running down stairs etc). If there are more then one in the family do the wet suit challenge: who can take the wetsuit off the quickest. It’s FUN and then post it on facebook so we can all join in.

For any training think smart about what you do. Think outside the box and be inventive ( so long as it is safe). Get in touch if you have some wacky ideas or want some direction. Hilary