Our Athletes

David Bishop

My mum was my first-ever triathlon coach. She structured mine and my brothers training from the age of twelve when we first took up triathlon. We had various swim coaches at City of Derby Swimming Club. However triathlon is not as simple as doing swim, bike and run training; you have to manage them all as one. With pressures from doing individual sports it takes someone like my mum to sit back and look at the bigger picture. She took us from racing Tristar through to youth and junior level up until we left for university. Even now I still ask her for advice about training and racing.

Tom Bishop          

My mum is probably the main reason behind my success as a triathlete, even now. She guided me through the crucial period in my early sporting career, managing to find a perfect balance between my studies, exams, socializing and sport. I got the best out of being a teenager and also an international triathlete. I don’t know anyone better who understands how to design a holistic training plan which takes into consideration life outside of sport and how it compliments triathlon and vice-versa. Even now, if I’m struggling with my training, she is there to offer advice, which I always take (and it’s usually, chill, rest and enjoy life).

Paul Webster        

Hilary Johnson has been my triathlon coach for two years. During that time I have improved immensely as a triathlete, and amazingly representing GB as an age grouper in the European middle distance championship in Austria , I also qualified to further represent GB in both European Olympic event and again European middle distance events. Throughout my time with her she has constantly supported me, not just by  setting the following weeks training schedule,  which she has done on time, and with an understanding of how my work shifts affect my training. When I become worried and negative about my ability Hilary has  set  aside days, at no extra cost, where we have cycled together or swam together, she has also  invited me to training days with other Triathlon clubs,  this extra personal  support and advice has been fantastic, bot personally but also in developing my skill base. Hilary is a knowledgeable triathlon coach, she is not only  professional in her approach  but also helpful and supportive. I can happily recommend her as a coach.

 Brian Sherras               

I started running at age 57 after 25 years of relative inactivity. Following a training program downloaded from the internet, I ran my first marathon twelve months later and was delighted to break 4 hours. Then things started going backwards. I picked up numerous small injuries that ultimately resulted in me having to pull out of my next marathon after 15 miles. At that point I turned to Hilary and I haven’t looked back since. Hilary reviewed my program and immediately recommended some radical changes. She introduced me to cross-training (cycling) and rebuilt my running program in a way that has kept me injury free whilst gradually improving my performance.

Five months after I started work with Hilary I finished the Chicago Marathon in a time almost ten minutes better than my previous PB and five minutes inside my Boston qualifying time. In April I lowered my PB again at the London Marathon and now I’m looking forward to working with Hilary to prepare for New York and Boston.

What makes all of this REALLY impressive is that I live 4000 miles away from Hilary in the USA.

Hilary provides me with a weekly on line training plan. I upload the results of my training and Hilary responds to my feedback. She also take account of my very busy travel schedule and when my schedule changes she adapts my program to suit. She is also always available by email or online to answer any questions or concern or provide advice about upcoming events or issues in my training.

Hilary is knowledgeable, responsive and flexible enough to work with my unique requirements, but most of all she is a pleasure to work with. Whether you are a young triathlete in Derby with dreams of becoming an elite athlete or a “somewhat” older runner from Vermont looking to enjoy his running and be “the best that he can be”, or if you are anyone in-between, I whole-hardheartedly recommend Hilary as your coach.