2024 for the age group athlete and elite.

So it’s Olympic year again and one no too far from home. Good luck to all those preparing for their race and the races they will compete in leading up to Paris. I know the pressure that the athletes have placed on them as my son was reserve for GB twice and onus to secure a third place was tremendous. And if he had achieved that place he still may not have been chosen!! No further questions here!!

Anyway , it is not only the elite who are getting ready for their event(s) it is ourselves and these races are just as important in many many ways. So its this time of year for some base training. SLOW DOWN as so many of age group athletes train as though they have to feel knackered at the end of a session – WRONG- finish a session with the feeling that you have accomplished what you planned – recover and train well the next time. You do not have to smash every session- there is so much research and evidence that training more conservatively helps in the long run, the same as running and brisk walking: 8 mins running /2 mins walking as an example. Try it and you will surprise yourself. Another is ‘ nasal breathing’- I have tried this mainly on my long easy bike rides – select a tree or farm and tell yourself to nasal breath to that place. You will have to slow down slightly but for me at the end of the ride I felt the benefits. Could have been how I felt – I hear you say, but I tried it many times and each time felt better. Its that time of year when we can have ago at something different and enjoy you training.

As always it’s great to hear from you and I like some of the recent questions I have been asked. Certainly some of them have given me food for thought. We never as coaches stop learning. It’s great.