2023 – Global Warming/ Sport and 2024

We are more than half way through 2023 and I know I have not written for what seems ages. Apologies, change of lap top and other technical glitches. Many countries are going through a heat crisis or floods caused as we all know by global warming and this naturally has an impact on what we can do in every way. Remember for most of us doing sport there is no harm taking a day off for safety, if megga hot or there are storms. You will loose no fitness and it will give your body time to recover from any previous hard sessions.

Triathlon which now is a multi sport is continually in the process of change – with new companies and NGB’s dreaming up new ideas- super sprints/ eliminator events/ gravel racing/aqua biking to name a few. Maybe look to try something different over the winter that will give you the opportunity to hone different skills and possibly have a positive effect for the racing in 2024. It’s always good to try out new sports and staves off any boredom that may have set in with the same training all the time.

Whatever you have planned enjoy , as that is what it is all about. I had a new hip last year and now my field for competing is changing- possibly aqua bike is my way forward. It’s a new and exciting challenge for me. And have even taken up some Nordic walking. One of the best things I have done after the hip op’, so effective and if you are getting back in to running have a go. Check out your local instructor as worth having at least one lesson to make sure you are using the poles effectively.

Let me know what you are up to and as always get in touch for suggestions and advise.