2023 and off season workouts.

So nearly through October and there are still many sports taking the stage -triathlon( in warm countries) speed skating/ cycle-cross/ skiing just to name a few . It’s the elite who are able to take part and recently I have been watching some different sports on Eurosport and its been an eye opener to watch and appreciate from an athlete viewpoint- the enormity of the strength and core stability that these sports require.

Triathlon is no different and it is not just for the elite of our sport- it is for everyone. So this is the time of year whilst we thinking next season’s racing we can prioritise S & C work ( strength and conditioning). The thing many think they have no time to fit in especially with 4 hour bike ride. How about a 3 3/4 ride with 15 mons S & C ? More effective and beneficial too.

There are numerous YouTube videos , but be selective in what you choose to do and make it individual to your needs for improved core stability. Doing the work now will pay off not just this year but for the future especially if you make it part of your weekly schedule. A couple of sessions a week are sufficient – change the programme after 6 weeks to address areas of the body you have omitted in the first series of plans. It’s easy to get into repeating the same exercises and missing out on say some weaker elements of your body. Have fun and get in touch is you want to come on board with me for your training and racing.