When part of race has to be cancelled – or the whole event.

Hi all,

I had the pleasure of being a Technical Official at the Long Course Outlaw Race a couple of weeks ago. The British summer was playing out the usual game in trying to confuse everyone. So this particular weekend it was rain as we have never seen it before. Driving there through roads that were already covered with surface water. So to cut a long story short – during the swim the race organiser and chief TO agreed that it was too dangerous for the bike to happen. Telling the athletes as they got out of the swim was not ideal but it had to be done. I would say that most athletes were understanding and those who were not soon understood that it was the best decision. So no bike , but it was decided that the marathon would still happen with a break before so all could sort out physically and mentally what they would be doing. Out of 1200 athletes 1100 stayed to run the marathon. If this happens think how would you approach the marathon. Quite a number clearly went off too quickly and paid the price in the latter part of the race. The point I wish to make is how to adjust/deal with decisions that are out of your hands. With climate change happening this is occurring more and more. In the Tour de France two stages in the last week were changed because of the weather. So maybe it is worth looking carefully at the weather charts for you race and think of what you would change should part of the race be altered or cancelled.

In the meantime I hope the season is going well for all of you and please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advise or comment on what I have posted.

Be back soon – Hilary