Triathlon Coaching in Derby and around the world

Triathlon is a continually, evolving and exciting sport. As both a coach and a participant it is a hugely exciting sport to be involved with. There are so many ways of being involved with triathlon, from having a go at novice triathlon events through to taking part in a the Ironman. There are many opportunities for both young and those who are slightly older to get involved and have a go at triathlon. There are developments with Aquathlon (swim/run) and more recently Aqua Bike which is for those athletes who may want to swim/bike and through choice or injury do not do the run section.

Age really is no barrier in this sport and it is great fun. As well having my own triathlon business in Derby, I am one of the coaches for ‘Team Huub Derby’ at Nuffield Health Club in Derby. ‘Team Huub’ Derby supports a range of triathlon training for both adults and juniors and is backed by the wetsuit company ‘HUUB’.

HUUB is based in Derby and operates worldwide supporting novice to elite triathletes. Get involved with triathlon and you will find there is another world out there, so many opportunities to enjoy. You may want just to run or cycle or swim as opposed to the full triathlon and that is fine. Coaching through: , can be accessed from wherever you live in the world using Xhale as the platform. Contact is through phone/email etc. Feel free to get in touch for a chat about your aspirations in triathlon/ duathlon/ running/cycling/ open water swimming.

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