The world in crisis???

Some would think this and so will not. However, you take what sensible measures you feel you need to. For those who read this page we all have one thing in common and that is our involvement and love of sport. So carry on is the way that feels okay for you. That also is the advice from the IOC for those elite athletes who are preparing for the Olympics. So trickle this down – only a little to us- carry on with your plans for races . Races may be cancelled /postponed but keep things in perspective. We are keeping fit and enjoying what we do and at some time you will be able to cash in the training for a race – but maybe a bit later than we had planned.

The first of the elite triathlon races is in Mooloolaba in Australia this weekend after the cancellation of AbuDhabi. If you have ‘TriathlonLive’ you will be able to watch this and all the other races. For about $20 it is worth the small outlay. If you are in GB it will be an early rise. The next race is New Plymouth on the 28th March in New Zealand. Have fun and keep up with the training and racing where you can. Let me know how things are your way and if you want any guidance. Hilary