Season started ?

It has been a while since I have said anything. For many of you the season will have just got underway with the occasional duathlon and now the move into the triathlon season in Great Britain. We all agree it has been a testing time with the weather and for those at London at the weekend or cycling over in Belgium in the Leige – Baston- Leige it will have tested you metal to the full. ‘Never cast a cloat until May is out’ – a very old saying but do take notice especially when out on a ┬álong bike ride. You can always take of kit but you can not add to what you have not taken with you. Most of you will have a plan for the year ahead with regards to races and I hope they go to plan. If you are not feeling fantastic and you have a race planned think should it be downgraded to a training race or should you just bin it or hold it over until the following year. At the end of the day we are all in the sport to have fun and stay healthy. It is a great way of meeting friends and sharing some fun along the way. Take care and enjoy the season ahead. Get in touch if you want to be coached or if you just want some advice on your training or the events you have entered.