’n’ weeks into ‘lockdown’

So where ever you may be you will be training within what is available. You may have discovered something new that has, and will enhance you sport when you are able to train/ race again. I have taken up twice weekly Yoga and definitely feeling the benefits. Think outside the box with regards to training and you may surprise yourself with what you can do. The most important thing is that we all enjoy what we are doing and hopefully cash it is when races are up and running again. A coach colleague in a conversation a few weeks ago suggested that we look at this time as an extended period of base training. Great idea. The occasional HIT session on the turbo or run intervals can be included for physical and mental wellbeing. Races into 2021 maybe is what we will be planning for and now is the time may to consider what you want to do then. Is it that Ironman you have promised yourself or to have a go at an extreme triathlon- Celtman for example. It gives a focus and those conversations with family with regards to support that will be required. Keep everything in perspective and stay happy and safe. Keep those massages and questions coming in as always good to hear how things are.