mid season and a heat wave in Europe

Hi all,

The heat wave has had an impact through the world with wild fires and scorched areas of land. It has had its toll on our sport too with races being shortened and even cancelled. Things to bear in mind when racing in the heat: sip water and monitor how much you do drink. Stay in the shade before you race and wear a white hat( even put some holes in it to help with the heat). Apparently crushed ice drinks are better than gulping down water after a race. They also do taste nicer. Take time to think about how you race in the heat and what you had down as a ‘ A’ race at the beginning of the season may now become a ‘B’ race. At the end of the day we are all in the sport to enjoy it without putting ourselves at risk of becoming ill or even worse!!

There have been some impressive results by Huub Academy athletes РBrian coming back to racing well after an extra bike ride that caused him to come off on a corner and break a rib. Peter who has started racing triathlons this year and surprised himself how well he is doing  and competing a 5km open water swim as well. Paul and Steve who is taking a year out from Ironman racing to ride the Le Jog- this is a bike ride from Lands End to JohnO Groats. Think they will be back for the Ironman next year.

I am taking bragging rights for a change. When Tom ( Bishop) was racing Hamburg this season, I raced the Olympic distance race and won my age group by 9 mins. Brian ( my other half) was 3rd in his age group. It was a fantastic race and really well organised. One to consider doing because as well as racing yourself you can watch the best triathletes in the world racing the individual sprint race and the relays. It is a great weekend and Hamburg is a really friendly city. May see you there in 2019.

Enjoy the season and continue to get in touch with any questions about training and racing. Stay healthy and enjoy your sport.