Thinking outside the box

Hi everyone,

Hope this message finds you okay? For those of you who are not able to watch the Giro there is a great series to watch on Netflix- The Least Expected Day- about the inside of the Movistar Team 2019. I will be watching cycling and the stars differently when it all begins again. For now we are all extending out winter base training because this realistically is all we can do. One HIT session each week or tapping into the occasional training session on one of the media platforms is great but think if its right for you. You can set yourself a challenge – mine is to master rollers and start Yoga. Fallen off the rollers a few times and argue whether the let go of the wall( lovely greasy mark now!!). But managed 30 mins last week. They were my two ‘ thinking outside the box’ ideas and to be honest feel quite proud that I have done it. So my challenge to you guys is to look at something that will challenge you and will also benefit your training and eventually racing. Whatever you choose enjoy it and if you want to run anything passed me look forward to hearing from you and keep those messages coming in. We may not be racing for many months yet but we still want to remain fit / active /healthy and happy. Take care and training wisely.

February 2020 and the season ahead.

Hello everyone who taps into my web site. I hope that you do enjoy what I send out. You can always take a look at my facebook page as occasionally and maybe not enough put things on there. For some out there it will be lovely and hot. I know that Tom is in sunny Australia with first race AbuDhabi the first week in March. For us back in Europe the weather is somewhat different. If you had seen the world cyclo-cross championships from Switzerland it was mud , mud, mud. A great sport to do when the triathlon season is over and brilliant for learning new bike skills. You have got to like mud and cleaning bikes ( unless you can charm someone to do it for you). So this is the time of year when hopefully you will be planning your 2020 season. Don’t over load with lots of races that you want to have as ‘A’ races as that will not happen. Have some which are training races, ‘B’ races .Maybe look also at peaking for a race early summer then having a slight break to race again well at the end of the season. The triathlon season can be long and you definitely cannot perform well for the whole season. Get in touch if you want to check this further with me. Drop me a message if you have some training you are doing and you are not sure it is working for you. I can support or point you in the right direction. Look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime enjoy your training.

End of the season for 2019

Hi all,

Well nearly the end of the season for most- a few people are still racing in warmer weather ( lucky them). It is time then for those who have finished to take stock of the 2o19 season and to plan for 2020( keep that quiet for now though). It is also time to get on with the jobs that you have been putting off decorating/ gardening etc. It is definitely time to say a few thank you’s too family and friends who have put up with your up’ s and down’s over the last few months. Time as we say ‘ get out of shape 4 weeks’- eat cake and enjoy and it is okay to put on some weight. Helps the insulation during winter – don’t feel guilty at all. When you are ready think carefully about 2020 and what may be achievable and also what is realistic. If you are unsure then feel free to get in touch – message me on facebook or drop me an email. Here to support and point you in the right direction. Let me know your achievements and any advice for other athletes. Catch you all again soon.

When part of race has to be cancelled – or the whole event.

Hi all,

I had the pleasure of being a Technical Official at the Long Course Outlaw Race a couple of weeks ago. The British summer was playing out the usual game in trying to confuse everyone. So this particular weekend it was rain as we have never seen it before. Driving there through roads that were already covered with surface water. So to cut a long story short – during the swim the race organiser and chief TO agreed that it was too dangerous for the bike to happen. Telling the athletes as they got out of the swim was not ideal but it had to be done. I would say that most athletes were understanding and those who were not soon understood that it was the best decision. So no bike , but it was decided that the marathon would still happen with a break before so all could sort out physically and mentally what they would be doing. Out of 1200 athletes 1100 stayed to run the marathon. If this happens think how would you approach the marathon. Quite a number clearly went off too quickly and paid the price in the latter part of the race. The point I wish to make is how to adjust/deal with decisions that are out of your hands. With climate change happening this is occurring more and more. In the Tour de France two stages in the last week were changed because of the weather. So maybe it is worth looking carefully at the weather charts for you race and think of what you would change should part of the race be altered or cancelled.

In the meantime I hope the season is going well for all of you and please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advise or comment on what I have posted.

Be back soon – Hilary

Snow and Smart Training

Just looked out the window and we have some of the white stuff- snow. It has been promised for a couple of weeks now,  but not to the depth there is in Central Europe or Canada. I personally love the snow and running through it,  especially if it is virgin snow and I am out in the countryside. I remember a time when my partner used his skis and Bentley (our dog )and I went running across the local park running. Great memories. We seem to have less snow now so enjoy it when it is there. Put the training on hold and enjoy the snow – you are not going to loose your fitness ; in fact you may well find some muscles you have not used for ages especially during the obligatory snowball fight!! What I am saying is do not be slave to your schedule , learn to train smart and enjoy your training. I have just been listening to a podcast and one of the athletes said that no matter where you are in you sport and at what level,  the main thing is to enjoy what you do.

So if you look out the window and there is snow , call a friend for that obligatory snowball fight or even go and build a snowman with your kids. We had magic snowman at home and it turned around in the night and he was facing the other way. Leave you to think that through but the kids loved it and the story held for years. Magic times to have and hold onto – forget that turbo session, that can wait. Think on and go and have some different fun.

Train safe and before we know it the first of the WTS races in Abu Dhabi will be with us and Tom will be there on the start line.