Another week

Hi everyone and yes another week of the world changing. There certainly are some challenges out there and many more to come I expect. So today what is the plan? One of my son’s is stuck in Australia ( best place at the moment and he can swim in the sea every day!!). This is what he messages me with- what your plan today mum? It certainly keeps us both in the here and now and in many ways that is possibly a good idea for ones physical and mental well being. So in GB we can ride and run, but alas no swimming unless you have access to a paddling pool. There have been some brilliant conversions and and suggestions to aid swimming or lack of it. When you do get back in the water , the suggestion from myself and many other coaches is little and often , no mega swims or you will be out with injury. Within a matter of a few weeks you will be back on track again.

Try something new now but gently does it. I count myself as being fit for my age !! but started Yoga last week – just easing myself into it and found out that I may be fit for riding, but putting myself out of that linear projection has thrown up the use of muscles that have not seen the light of day for ages. So gently and back to basics. No matter how qualified in sport we think we are we all fall into that trap at times of neglecting the core work.

One last thing this week and will be posting info each week now is phone a friend that you have not spoken to for ages. I vowed to do this at the start of ‘lockdown’ and it has been great for me and the person I have called. You never know you could be my ‘chosen one’ today. Give me a call if you want to say Hi and have any questions about training. Take care and train safe.