End of season chill time

I think there has been a good end to the season and that event organisers have put on a good show. Thank you. And now for most who have finished their season , it’s time to chill take time out and reflect on the season you have had. And dare I say plan for next year which is not that far away. Scary how time passes so quickly. So reflect on your races or training if you have not raced and think what worked well and areas where you could change. Within a small group of coaches we call this ‘ get out of shape’ time of 3-4 weeks of down time to maybe do those jobs you have put off – take your partner out for a meal and thank them for supporting you – then ask for next year too!! Get in touch in the way that suits you to have a chat about plans for next year and let’s enjoy a journey together as some have done with me this last year. Go on celebrate your acheivements in style and it is absolutely okay ‘get out of shape’ for a few weeks. It will do your body and head a lot of good- down time to relax. Catch you again soon.