Tokyo 220

What can I say only that it’s happening and the work that the athletes and support staff have put in over the years is now on display. It’s a huge pleasure to watch not just the sport I am involved with, but all the other sports from across the globe. I watched some of the opening ceremony and I was embarrassed not to know of some of the countries when the athletes entered the stadium. It made me think of the global importance of sport. I do hope that the Tokyo games will be held in esteem even in these times of uncertainty. Sport and coaching sport is returning. It’s been great to get back to coaching and also a technical official at races. Explaining to those new to the sport what ‘ transition’ is in triathlon and it importance. We call ‘transition’ the 4th discipline and it’s useful to incorporate it into you regular training. The same applies to open water swimming. Don’t just get out of the water and have a natter with a mate. get out as though you are in a race – goggles and hat stay on your head as you run to transition. As you are heading to T1 take your wetsuit down as far as your hips. Then when you are at your bike( you can imagine) take the rest of your wetsuit off at speed—- then have a natter with your mate. Have a challenge with you mate — who can get the wetsuit off the quickest. Triathlon and sport is fun and let’s keep it that way. As always great to hear from you.