In times of uncertainty we need to focus on what we feel is important and this some of us will find quite daunting. We are all feeling the effects of the pandemic in some form or another. As athletes and human beings we need to where we can develop resilience. It can come from within, but sometimes we so need to check things out with a friend or coach. Do not try to be strong if things are not going to plan – have a chat with a mate. Between you, you both will help each other and improve your resilience to the situation you find yourself in. It is not weak but a strong move to make and this will take you forward in a positive way. Good luck with racing this year and if the race is cancelled or postponed then try to look at the positives that you have made in your training- this of course will be after the initial disappointment and annoyance. There will be things that you can do and all this helps build up your resilience not just in sport but in life generally.

Have fun and keep the chats coming in. Always good to hear from you.