2020 to 2021

Soon you will have to be writing 2021 and I bet many will be glad it is no longer 2020. What do we have in store – no one knows to be very honest. So my message is to keep smiling/ keep zooming/ keep safe/keep phoning/ keep training/ keep doing silly things ( as long as they are safe!!). Whatever, the main thing for all is to keep moving as for our wellbeing it is really important.

I read today on twitter “ When making plans think big. When making progress think small’. This is a great quote that I think we could harness for our training – little steps towards greater things. The little steps maybe frustrating at times but the bigger picture is ‘wow’ I can get there.

On a personal note and I am sure most have been there at times. I cannot swim at the moment because of a shoulder issue. So think outside the box- I can mountain bike as the bars are straight. My road bike ( drop bars ) aggravates the shoulder after 2 hours on the bike. I can run so big plans for 2021 maybe but using the quote above little steps and I am still moving.

Whatever your plans keep in touch and hope the rest of 2020 goes well and catch up early in 2021.