August 2020

This would have been the time when we would all be looking to Tokyo and the Olympic Games but we will have to wait another year ; and then they may not happen. Hope that does not sound too negative, but I listened to one of the IOC members today on the radio and they cannot guarentee anything. They did say that they would be looking at different formats should they have to alter the actual games. So it a case of watch this space.

On the lighter side, things are slowly beginning to happen and sport which we all love to watch and do is returning. We are now taking sport out the 4 walls and exploring new avenues. For some of us we may well include some of the things we have tried during lockdown. For me Yoga has been great to do whilst the gyms have been shut and I know that I will continue with Yoga both for the mind and the body. Think what you will keep on with and let me know how it has helped you and if it is okay to share?

Whatever training you are doing it is more for you, than for the next race , so enjoy it and make the most of being able to get out whether it is on your bike / feet/ a kayak/ open water swimming etc. Still look to explore those hidden treasurers – maybe take a lane that you have not cycled before and see where that takes you- hidden gems hopefully.

Train and stay safe.