Longest day passed.

The longest day was the 21st June and I know loads of folk who did something that added up to 21. I cycled 21 miles – a nice ride on a sunny day. So still no races on the horizon, but keep a check as longer distance races are on the calendar for late August onwards. Challenge Family is the web site that are updating with info’ . In the UK, Tri Society sponsored by HUUB are hoping to run the National Club Relays in Nottingham at the end of August. Entries are open so fingers crossed it will happen.

Still time to keep training and trying new ideas or going back to the drawing board to look at what you have been doing over the last few years and see where you can improve. For me its been Yoga and I will keep this in my training going forward. For you it could be long walks- whatever fits with you.

Keep those messages coming in and I will get back to you. For those wishing to sign up, I have reduced my rate by £10 per month until Christmas. Although there may be few or no races later this year we can still look positively forward to 2021 and new challenges.

Train safe and speak soon.