February 2020 and the season ahead.

Hello everyone who taps into my web site. I hope that you do enjoy what I send out. You can always take a look at my facebook page as occasionally and maybe not enough put things on there. For some out there it will be lovely and hot. I know that Tom is in sunny Australia with first race AbuDhabi the first week in March. For us back in Europe the weather is somewhat different. If you had seen the world cyclo-cross championships from Switzerland it was mud , mud, mud. A great sport to do when the triathlon season is over and brilliant for learning new bike skills. You have got to like mud and cleaning bikes ( unless you can charm someone to do it for you). So this is the time of year when hopefully you will be planning your 2020 season. Don’t over load with lots of races that you want to have as ‘A’ races as that will not happen. Have some which are training races, ‘B’ races .Maybe look also at peaking for a race early summer then having a slight break to race again well at the end of the season. The triathlon season can be long and you definitely cannot perform well for the whole season. Get in touch if you want to check this further with me. Drop me a message if you have some training you are doing and you are not sure it is working for you. I can support or point you in the right direction. Look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime enjoy your training.