End of the season for 2019

Hi all,

Well nearly the end of the season for most- a few people are still racing in warmer weather ( lucky them). It is time then for those who have finished to take stock of the 2o19 season and to plan for 2020( keep that quiet for now though). It is also time to get on with the jobs that you have been putting off decorating/ gardening etc. It is definitely time to say a few thank you’s too family and friends who have put up with your up’ s and down’s over the last few months. Time as we say ‘ get out of shape 4 weeks’- eat cake and enjoy and it is okay to put on some weight. Helps the insulation during winter – don’t feel guilty at all. When you are ready think carefully about 2020 and what may be achievable and also what is realistic. If you are unsure then feel free to get in touch – message me on facebook or drop me an email. Here to support and point you in the right direction. Let me know your achievements and any advice for other athletes. Catch you all again soon.