Snow and Smart Training

Just looked out the window and we have some of the white stuff- snow. It has been promised for a couple of weeks now,  but not to the depth there is in Central Europe or Canada. I personally love the snow and running through it,  especially if it is virgin snow and I am out in the countryside. I remember a time when my partner used his skis and Bentley (our dog )and I went running across the local park running. Great memories. We seem to have less snow now so enjoy it when it is there. Put the training on hold and enjoy the snow – you are not going to loose your fitness ; in fact you may well find some muscles you have not used for ages especially during the obligatory snowball fight!! What I am saying is do not be slave to your schedule , learn to train smart and enjoy your training. I have just been listening to a podcast and one of the athletes said that no matter where you are in you sport and at what level,  the main thing is to enjoy what you do.

So if you look out the window and there is snow , call a friend for that obligatory snowball fight or even go and build a snowman with your kids. We had magic snowman at home and it turned around in the night and he was facing the other way. Leave you to think that through but the kids loved it and the story held for years. Magic times to have and hold onto – forget that turbo session, that can wait. Think on and go and have some different fun.

Train safe and before we know it the first of the WTS races in Abu Dhabi will be with us and Tom will be there on the start line.