2019 and what lies ahead

Hi, Things changing with websites and take overs hence not being on board recently. The 2019 season has already started for some of us- Brian schemed an 8 min PB in the iconic Tokyo marathon to achieve racing in all the Big 6. Huge congratulations Brian. The season can be long so if you have races planned early and late season consider taking short break part way through summer to keep both the momentum there and to remain injury free. Tom’s fist race was in Abu Dhabi and came away with a 9th placing. He is better at the Olympic distance so watch the race in May in Yokohama. A thought for your own racing here is ask yourself : am I better over shorter or longer distances and if as the years pass do I need to re address this. And shall I train for shorter – training smart. If you want to know more about training smarter and why we look more towards this get in touch with me. There is a contact form on the web site and look forward to hearing from you. Be in touch again now that the site seems to be working again.